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The purpose of the Transition Training Seminar is to bridge the gap between basics and advanced work. Dogs who have completed basics training have acquired some very important skills and the next step in the training process is to transfer the skills they've learned in the yard to the field. The ability to stop, to go and to handle in a field setting are all somewhat foreign to a retriever, even after going through basic training. It's now your job to reteach these skills in an organized and meaningful fashion. These steps provide the dog with additional information, so that the lessons are clear, easy to understand and minimize the chance for confusion. The goal of transition training is to develop new tools which will be used to teach the dog to fight factors, to understand concepts and to run blinds.


Taking a transition training seminar will help you:

  • Learn the sequence and steps I use to teach a dog the skills it requires to become a trained retriever. We'll cover handling drills, pattern blinds, an introduction to cold blinds, an introduction to handling on marks, test set-up, early concepts, swim-by, cheating singles, early water blinds and more.

  • Learn why we teach and do what we do. By understanding some of the philosophy, you will be better equipped to use and apply the training at appropriate times.

  • ​Learn what you can do when conventional training doesn't work. All to often textbook methods fail and sometimes you need to approach things from a different point of view.

​​​The format:

  • A transition training seminar is 3-4 days long. It will consist of about 10 dog and handler teams as well as an unlimited number of spots for observers.

  • Handlers will be asked to provide information about their dogs training history in a questionnaire. Dogs participating in this seminar must have basics training.

  • ​Through various setups and drills, handler and dog teams will demonstrate the various steps of the program. Group discussions and Q&A sessions will also play a key role in helping you understand how to train your retriever through each step of the program.

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Transition Training Seminar

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