Upcoming Workshops & Seminars 2019

  • ​Jan 11-13     Personalized Training Workshop - Hunt Test, Thomasville GA

  • Mar 18-27     10 Day Spring Training Camp - Hunt Test, Coolwater Farms, Banner MS

  • Apr 13-22     10 Day Spring Training Boot Camp - Field Trial, Coolwater Farms, Banner MS

  • Apr 30-May 2     Personalized Training Workshop - Field Trial, Surrey BC

  • May 5-7     Personalized Training Workshop - Hunt Test, Williamston MI

  • May 8-9     One Hour Individual Private Training Sessions - Williamston MI, Call (229) 977-4770 to book

  • May ​10-12     Workshop (format undetermined at this time) - Williamston MI

  • July 5-7     Workshop (format undetermined at this time) - Winnipeg MB

  • Jul 26-28     Blind Training Workshop - Sprinboro, PA

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