The Qualifying Stake Readiness Workshop is geared to hunt test competitors who want to venture into field trials. ‚ÄčOver the years I've seen quite a number of hunt test competitors show up at field trials to try their hand at the qualifying stake. Unfortunately, they often go home disappointed wondering why they didn't do well. Many are convinced that it's not in their wheelhouse and have made the decision never to return.

The truth is most Master level and HRCH level dogs have many of the skills required to be competitive in a qualifying stake, but they're missing a few important ingredients. This workshop is designed to fill in the gaps and teach you how to provide the training your dog needs to meet the challenges your dog will face in the qualifying stake.

You'll learn about:

  • The concepts and configurations you'll encounter in field trial stakes
  • How to teach your dog to fight factors
  • The elements that make certain types of marks difficult
  • The mechanics of running a field trial, what a handler can and cannot do
  • That you should regularly include in your training regime to stay competitive

This is a 3-4 day workshop which should have no more than 12 dogs.  There is no limit on the number of observers for this workshop.

Handlers will be asked to provide information about their dogs training history in a questionnaire.

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Qualifying Stake Readiness Workshop