Personalized Training Workshops allow me to focus on you and your dog. By analyzing information that you've provided me before the workshop, I'll formulate a plan to work on individual needs. Over a span of 3-5 days and through various setups, drills, conversation, instruction and homework routines, we'll address weaknesses, polish strengths and build a plan for your continued advancement and success.

I will work hard to ensure that you clearly understand the how to's and the why's so that you can effectively incorporate the elements into your program. Our discussions will include training philosophy, understanding the elements to building a better retriever and building a training program so that when you leave you will be better equipped to make decisions about your day to day training and handling your retriever at events.

Personalized training sessions are designed to accomplish the following:

  • ​Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and each retriever.

  • Build on the strengths that each dog and handler possess and break down the barriers which are limiting their potential and success.

  • Improve skills and provide knowledge to become a better handler, trainer and retriever.

  • Identify and provide ways by which trainers can maintain skills and standards.

The format:

  • Groups will consist of 10-12 dogs and their handlers. Observers are allowed to attend personalized training workshops.

  • In a questionnaire, each individual will identify their own and their dog’s needs, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and the roadblocks preventing them from reaching their goals, as well as what they hope the personalized training sessions will offer them .

  • Personalized training sessions will be geared to meeting individual needs and work toward attaining each individual's goals through customized set ups, drills, conversations and by providing homework routines. 

  • Discussions will center around training philosophy, building a retriever training program and understanding the elements to building a better retriever. 

  • The group will provide birds, throwers, training equipment and grounds. There may be additional costs to cover hiring bird throwers, the purchase of birds, grounds fees, etc. 

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