If you would like more information about organizing and facilitating a workshop or seminar, please use the form below to contact Kevin.

Organize & Facilitate a Workshop or Seminar

Seminars and workshops have a local coordinator who looks after advertising, communicating with participants, collecting fees, securing grounds, as well as acquiring equipment, birds and bird throwers. By being a coordinator you'll receive a discount of $50/day for the seminars and workshops you coordinate. ie the coordinator will receive $250 for coordinating a 5 day session or $500 for organizing 10 days of training toward their own workshop fees. The coordinator will also receive a credit of $10 for each private session scheduled. If the coordinator choses to share the responsibilities with someone else, then they may also split the discount with that person.

There are several formats to choose from:

#1  PERSONALIZED TRAINING WORKSHOP.  Personalized training workshops are designed to work on each dog and handler team's individual needs and goals. We take what you know and build on it as well as work on individual problems or roadblocks. Workshops are limited to 10-12 dogs with their handlers and 5 observers who wish to audit. 

ABOUT WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS.  Seminars & workshops are designed to teach the elements of a good training program. They are limited to 10 dog and handler teams and there is no limit on the number of observers that wish to audit.

#3  PRIVATE CONSULTATION SESSIONS  Private consultation sessions can be added to any workshop or seminar. A day or days are scheduled before, after or in between events on which 60 minute private sessions can take place.

I require a minimum of 8 dogs to do a workshop or seminar and the maximum number of dogs a handler may run is 2. Workshops and Seminars are 3-5 days depending on the needs of the group or format chosen. Handlers are required to make a $100 deposit for each dog to secure a slot. If you or your group is considering multiple seminars or workshops during my visit, I may plan a day off in between each session if the sessions go beyond 5 days.

The fees quoted on the rate page cover the cost of getting me to your location, accommodations and professional fees. Organizers should consider recovering any additional costs such as birds, property, porta johns and bird throwers from participants if necessary.

Whether you're a member of a club, training group or simply an individual who is interested in organizing an event in your area, you'll find doing so comes with benefits.