Have you ever wondered why you keep loosing your dog on the blind? Do you feel that you and your dog are capable of much more but just can't quite get it together? Taking a Blind Training and Handling Workshop offers you the opportunity to find out where your weaknesses lie. It will give you and your dog the training needed to improve your handling skills and succeed in the field. 

A handler has to be able to identify the hazards, read a dog's intentions, know how to plan the attack, have tremendously good timing, know what cast to give and when to use voice with a cast. A dog must be fundamentally sound and under control, understand what's required when diversions are at play and schooled to handle especially well even when the conditions are unpleasant or hard going. These are the things that this workshop is designed to help you and your dog with.

You'll also become a more competent trainer. You'll learn how to improve your dog's handling skills, what you need to incorporate into your training program and how to provide the environment that's necessary to give you and your dog the experience you both need before you get to the competition.

I recommend 3-4 days for this seminar and limiting the number of dogs to 10-12. There is no limit on the number of observers for this workshop.

​Handlers will be asked to provide information about their dogs training history in a questionnaire.

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Blind Training & Handling Workshop 

Providing a Path to Success

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