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Basic Skills Seminars

The Basics Skills Seminar covers each of the steps, the so called building blocks that make up the foundation for transition and advanced training. Every retriever, whether it be a gun dog, field trial dog or hunt test dog, needs basics training and they need it done right. All to often I see retrievers that have incomplete or poorly done basics which have led to significant, career limiting problems. Problems like hard mouth, freezing on the bird, poor or loopy sits, lack of control in the field, no going, popping, poor attitude, inability to understand and respond appropriately to correction and more.

Taking a basics seminar will help you:

  • Learn the sequence and steps I use to teach a dog the skills it requires to become a trained retriever. These steps include the yard work, drill work and corresponding field work. We'll cover basic obedience, collar conditioning, force fetch, force to a pile, sit to a pile, three handed cast, single-t, swim-by, and more. You'll also be exposed to drills that help reinforce and transfer the lessons learned in the yard to the field.

  • Learn why we teach and do what we do. By understanding some of the philosophy, you will be better equipped to use and apply the training at appropriate times.

  • ​Learn what you can do when conventional training doesn't work. All to often textbook methods fail and sometimes you need to approach things from a different point of view.

​​​The format:

  • A basics seminar is 3-4 days long. It will consist of about 10 dog and handler teams as well as an unlimited number of spots for observers.

  • Handlers will be asked to provide information about their dogs training history in a questionnaire.

  • ​Through various setups and drills, handler and dog teams will demonstrate the various steps of the program. Group discussions and Q&A sessions will also play a key role in helping you understand how to train your retriever through each step of the program.

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